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Here’s How the Phoenix Training System Destroys Every Diet, Exercise, And Training Program You’ve Ever Tried–Period.

Did you ever stop to wonder why NO diet or exercise program actually works as advertised? Whether you are just trying to shed some unwanted pounds or get back into peak physical condition—NOTHING seems to work for more than a few weeks before the results plateau. And once that happens, we predictably stop working so hard because the results are no longer materializing. Pretty soon, we give up altogether and all of our hard work is undone. Then, just as predictably, we’ll start feeling guilty again and motivated to “try one more time” to find the diet or exercise program that actually WORKS—and then the cycle begins all over again.

But Why? Seriously: Why Does Every Diet or Exercise Program Ultimately Fail?

It’s simple: Virtually every diet or exercise program is created to be a “One-Size-Fits-All” solution but we all have 100% unique bodies, metabolisms, and lifestyles.

Specifically, most diet and exercise programs are designed by 2 very different types of experts:

  1. Sports/Fitness Experts Who Actively Train/Compete and Actually “Walk the Walk”
  2. Doctors and Nutritionists Who “Talk the Talk” with Great Theories

Doctors and Nutritionists Who “Talk the Talk” with Great Theories

Unfortunately, diet and exercise programs designed or created by doctors and nutritionists aren’t much better and for much the same reason: Because they are created as “One-Size-Fits-All” solutions when each and every one of us is unique. So even if the “theory” is sound and accurate, the “application” or results could be skewed dramatically by a wide range of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • Metabolism
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Structural Imbalances
  • Current Physical Condition

Fact: You will NEVER get the results you REALLY want with diet or exercise programs created with a “One-Size-Fits-All” approach—and that’s just about all you’ll find out there…

Until now because unlike most of the “factory training” systems out there:

The Phoenix Training System is Fully Customized To Help You Reach Your Fitness and Diet Goals Based Upon Your Actual Condition When You Start the Program!

We know most “factory training” programs and diet experts “talk” a great game, but the Phoenix actually delivers because we take the time to develop a comprehensive training program and daily meal plans based upon your current condition.

In fact, before you are enrolled in the Phoenix Training System, we provide a 100% Free, No Obligation Initial Consultation that includes:

  • Preliminary Posture Analysis
  • Preliminary Nutrition Assessment
  • Q/A Session Where You Can Any Questions You May Have

Don’t worry: This initial assessment is not invasive in any way and will only take few minutes of your time (unless you have a lot of questions and if so—we’ll be sure to answer every one!) to complete. Once enrolled in the Phoenix Training System, a more thorough assessment will be conducted including lab testing to create your custom meal plans and customize your training program so that you reach your specific goals in the shortest time possible.

But regardless of whether you sign up for the Phoenix Training Program or not, you ARE guaranteed to leave your FREE Consultation with ACTIONABLE STEPS that you can take IMMEDIATELY to dramatically enhance your training efficiency and diet for dramatic results. So don’t delay and sign up now for your FREE Consultation before its too late and we have to start charging for the service!

YES! You CAN Actually Reach Your Health and Nutrition Goals to Become Our Next Success Story Just Like Donna Karson!

When Donna first came in for her Free Initial Consultation, she was 57 years old and had literally been struggling on and off with her weight for the past 35 years. Specifically, Donna was unhappy with cellulite and fat dimples on her thighs, legs, and calves while suffering from low energy and sleep problems due to hormone/dietary imbalances.

So What Exactly Did the Phoenix Program Do to Help Donna Solve Her Problems and Reach Her Goals?

Using the Arete principles and the Phoenix Program for adult clients, we started Donna with a complete evaluation and performance assessment. We completed her BioSignature Hormone Modulation, Functional Movement, and Nutrition Habits Profile. We discussed the top five food allergens and recommended a nutrition plan. We focused on the food and nutrition by increasing a variety of lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats while reducing refined, carbohydrates that contain gluten. We started supplementation and detoxification to eliminate allergens.

In addition, Donna was given the acid test to test digestion efficiency. She failed the test, which showed that she wasn’t digesting food properly which makes long term fat loss nearly impossible. To combat the problem, we started a gut repair protocol and alternated that with and estrogen detox protocol. Her sleep patterns improved and we were able to see changes in her hamstrings and quads.

Her actual training was more centered toward creating and retraining functional movement patterns to improve movement efficiency and recovery techniques. We specifically worked on structural balance, range of motion, movement efficiency, and energy levels using a customized training program developed to help reach these goals.

And Here’s What Donna Has Accomplished Since Joining the Phoenix Program!

  • Donna is Now At 116 Pounds and Holding!
  • Achieved Targeted Weight Loss in Calves, Thighs, and Legs!
  • Significant Boost in Overall Energy Levels
  • Normal Sleeping Patterns Restored
  • Improved Overall Health and Nutrition

Mission Accomplished!

It’s simple: By taking the time to perform a comprehensive evaluation and performance assessment, our professional trainers and functional nutritionists were able to design a custom training program and functional meal plan that helped Donna reach ALL of her goals and become a successful Phoenix graduate!

Now its your turn!

Your Success Story Begins by Signing Up for Your Free Initial Consultation—So Don’t Delay!

Here’s Exactly What’s Included When You Enroll in the Phoenix Training System

To help our clients finally achieve their diet and fitness goals and attain peak physical condition at any age, the Phoenix Training System utilizes a 3-prong approach that includes:

Lab Testing & Comprehensive Performance Assessment

Think you need special supplements to finally reach your health and nutrition goals? Well, you may very well be correct but the problem is: Exactly WHICH supplements do you actually need to achieve your goals, how long do you need to take them, and how will you know to stop when you don’t need them any longer?

The Truth? You don’t—not without proper lab testing.

It’s simple: Lab Testing & Analysis is part of any serious 21st fitness or training program because it is the ONLY way to identify potential deficiencies in your biochemistry. These tools allow us to create the most effective Functional Nutrition program to address the factors that are blocking your growth—until you identify them via lab testing and analysis.

Once enrolled in the Phoenix Training System, we recommend a comprehensive set of lab tests including blood, urine, stool, and saliva. These tests are used to help create your Functional Nutrition Plan, monitor progress, and identify any potential threats to achieving your fitness goals, including:

  • Inflammation Markers
  • Autoimmune Stress
  • Hidden Food Allergies
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Gut Dysbiososis

Once complete, your results will be analyzed by a team of health and human performance professionals and used to create your Functional Nutrition plan. Any issues will also be immediately addressed and then monitored to ensure the problem is solved and doesn’t impede progress towards your diet and fitness goals.

In addition to Lab Testing and Analysis, you will also receive a comprehensive Performance Assessment to help us identify any structural imbalances and customize your training program.

Functional Nutrition

Once your Lab Testing is complete, your results will be analyzed by our on-site Certified Nutritionist and used to create your custom Functional Nutrition program. We take the time to personalize the nutrition program for one simple reason:

Because NOTHING plays a larger role than nutrition when it comes to your overall health and the effectiveness of ANY diet or training program—NOTHING!

In fact, the biggest single failing of most factory-training or even most fitness programs is their over-emphasis on the length and intensity of their training. Unfortunately, you can train until you bleed but if your results will still be limited to any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances you may have—period. Your very own custom Functional Nutrition plan is designed to address the deficiencies identified during lab testing which will prevent you from reaching your diet and exercise goals.

To be honest, we are REALLY simplifying things here because our Functional Nutrition program is truly world-class and probably the biggest factor in most if not ALL of our Success Stories—and we’d love to tell you more about it during your FREE Consultation!

Because Functional Nutrition is such a key factor in attaining explosive strength and speed, your FREE consultation includes a short Q/A session regarding your current diet. This just helps us provide you with the most value and accurate information during your consultation where you will also learn about:

  • What Alkalinity Tells You About Your Body
  • How These 2 things in Everyone’s Diet are Killing Your Performance
  • Why You Are Probably Wasting Your Money on Most Supplements
  • Why Food Timing is So Critical to Your Results
  • The 3 Things that Almost Double Post-Training Recovery

In addition to the segment on Functional Nutrition, your FREE Consultation also includes a Preliminary Posture Analysis designed to help identify any Structural Imbalances impeding your performance and increasing risk for injury.

Remember: Our FREE Initial Consultation Comes with NO Additional Obligation and You Can Use the Information You Learn Immediately to Help Achieve Your Diet and Fitness Goals!

Goal-Specific Training

In our traditional Pro-Level Sports Training Programs, we provide Sport Optimization training specifically designed to help the athletes train and condition for their specific sport. That means that we provide very different training programs for football players vs. baseball players, etc.—basically, we provide specific training to help them excel in their respective sports.

In the Phoenix Training System, there is a slight difference: Instead of preparing a custom training program to help you excel in your chosen sport(s), we design specific training programs to help you achieve your specific nutrition and fitness goals.

So what does this mean?

Let’s say you come-in during your FREE Initial Consultation and tell us: “I just want to shed the excess fat from my arms, legs, and thighs so I can just look better and feel more confident in all that I do”. Or, maybe you might tell us: “I want leaner abs bigger chest and back”.

You know what? No problem. In fact, we’re going to take it much further because not only will we specifically design your training program to reach your goals….

We Are Actually Going to “Teach” You How to Reach AND Maintain Your Goals Long Into the Future!

At Arete Strength, while we remain committed to helping you achieve your nutrition and performance, we firmly believe that the best way to help our clients long-term is through educating them. Specifically, you are NOT working with a typical physical trainer—you are working with your very own “coach” and functional nutritionists not only help you attain your goals—but they take the extra time to help you better understand your body and the role nutrition plays in virtually every aspect of your life. By doing so, we are helping our clients truly solve long-term health and diet issues so they can finally live the happier, healthier lives they want and deserve.

And if you DO want sport-specific training like getting into shape to run a marathon or finally winning the golf or tennis tournament down at the local athletic club—no problem! Just tell us what your goals are and we will develop a custom training program to help you reach them in the shortest time possible!

“I no longer have back pain”

“I’ve been working out with Erik for the last six months and have really seen results. I have lost weight, I am building muscle and I no longer have back pains as I have developed muscles in my core and back.

Also through “Arete” I have learned about nutrition and how to eat healthy, so I now choose eating in super foods and feeling so much better than I have felt in many years. Thank you Erik and Jen, I appreciate your thorough, concise program for me which has included flexibility, strength training and nutrition. I will continue to refer you to others. Thank you!”

-Kim Forsyth

The Phoenix Training System Combines All 3 Critical Elements Into One Comprehensive Program Guaranteed to Finally Help You Meet or Exceed Your Diet and Fitness Goals—Once and For All!

Don’t be fooled by the “factory training systems” and self-help “ebooks” promising you the moon but constantly failing to produce the long-term results you want and deserve. Attaining optimum health and strength can only be achieved by treating the body as a system. Then, using Lab Testing and comprehensive Performance Assessment to assess your exact needs, the Phoenix Training System is customized to help you achieve optimum strength and health in the shortest time possible while we help you learn how to sustain these results throughout your life.

  • Improve Mobility, Posture, and Strength
  • Drop Unwanted Pounds and Finally Learn How to Keep Them Off—For Good!
  • Quickly Add Lean Muscle Mass
  • Significantly Boost Energy Levels Throughout the Day
  • Finally Achieve Fitness and Diet Goals

And Most Importantly: Look and Feel Better Than You Have In Years—Possibly Ever!

The Phoenix Training System is based upon the same Integrated Performance system we’ve developed and used to train Olympic champions and other pro athletes but customized to suit busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone in Orange County looking to finally shed those unwanted pounds, get into the best shape of your life, and look and feel your very best! It has taken years to design, test, and refine these systems but you can use them to achieve breakthrough success in just 12 weeks or less!

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Sign-Up for Your FREE Inital Consultation

During your FREE Consultation, we will conduct a thorough Posture and Functional Movement Analysis to identify your structural imbalances.

Step 2: Complete Lab Testing and Performance Assessment

After your initial Free Consultation, we will schedule you to come in for some initial lab testing—don’t worry, we’ll have you out in no time. Remember: these tests are vital to helping us understand your exact needs and designing a Custom Functional Nutrition and Training Program to help you achieve optimum health and strength.

In addition to the Lab Testing, you will also receive a comprehensive Performance Assessment that will help us identify and structural imbalances and other issues that need addressed in your training program.

Step 3: Receive Personalize Functional Nutrition Coaching Session

Once your labs are analyzed, the results will be forwarded to our Nutritionist who will create a custom Functional Nutrition plan for you that addresses any nutritional deficiencies or threats to your performance.

Step 4: Initiate Custom Goal Oriented Training Program

Based upon your lab results and any structural imbalances identified in your Performance Assessment, we will create a 100% custom Goal-Oriented Human Performance Training Program to help you achieve your diet and fitness goals in the shortest time possible. All of your structural imbalances will be corrected and the goal-specific training will help you achieve noticeable, long-term results in just 6 weeks or less.