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The Arete Strength Difference

Loosely translated from Ancient Greek, Arete means: Attaining one’s TRUE potential.

Hello, my name is Erik Johnson and I am the founder and owner of Arete Strength. Sadly, most “factory training systems” are more concerned with profits than in helping their athletes reach their true potential. So while these “factory training” programs are great at signing up eager athletes looking to make SERIOUS improvements, they simply fail to deliver anything more than lackluster results because they fail to take into account:

  • Your Structural Limitations (and yes, we ALL have them and they need to be addressed before SERIOUS improvement in strength/speed can be realized!)
  • Your Biochemistry
  • Your Functional Nutrition Needs
  • Your Connective Tissue

Instead of focusing on these very individualized issues that require time, attention, and expertise to address—they just “punt” and basically run everyone through the same exercise and training programs. They “punt” because its cheaper and easier to have everyone doing the same things than to actually “drill-down” and isolate exactly what each athlete needs to reach their TRUE POTENTIAL. Oh, and these “factory training systems” also significantly increase your chances for injury.

Let me explain with a specific example.

Let’s say you play soccer. That means that you probably have strong quads, but weak hamstrings, weak upper thoracic back muscles, and weak lower abs. I’ve seen this time and time again.

And most factory fitness places would have you continue to work hard on your quads…because that’s the conventional wisdom.

But Not Only is Conventional Wisdom Completely WRONG in This Example— It’s Actually Dangerous!


By over-emphasizing training on the quads while ignoring the structural imbalances in the hamstrings, upper thoracic back muscles and lower abs—you are significantly decreasing knee joint stability and GREATLY increasing your odds of having a career-ending injury!

And the same is true for every sport—if you don’t first identify structural imbalances and design your training to address them, you are significantly REDUCING the effectiveness of your training while increasing your chances for injury.

Yes despite this fact, the “factory training systems” continue to employ “one-size-fits-all” training because they are too focused on profits rather than the individual needs of the athletes they are working with. This is the exact same reason these factory training systems either completely ignore functional nutrition or recommend “the standard regimen” of supplements.

Now here’s the problem with this approach: IT DOES NOT WORK.

“I Recover Faster, I’m Stronger and I Feel Incredible.”

“I’ve competed in 4 Olympic games and played professionally in 5 countries. The 800LB system is world class. Hands down it is a game changer. I have plenty to compare it to and there is no comparison. Because of the specialized training i received plus recovery techniques and lab testing, I recover faster, I’m stronger and I feel incredible. The nutrition and supplementation has made a huge difference in my game. That alone is worth the investment in the program. I can say that going into London I am in the best shape of my career thanks to Arete and the 800LB system. Whether you’re a young athlete or a pro, this is an investment you can’t afford not to make.”

-Ryan Bailey
All time goal leader USA Water Polo

Olympic Games: 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012
2008 Olympic Silver Medalist

Every single person has a unique biochemistry and if you aren’t fueling your body according to YOUR specific needs—then you could be losing up to 50% of the effectiveness of your training. In fact, the biggest single obstacle to reaching your true potential is usually your diet—not your training, not forgetting to take supplements—your diet.

Now you want to know what I learned while training for the Olympic Trials? There is just ONE WAY to create a functional diet plan based upon your actual needs:

Lab Testing

Look: If you REALLY want EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH, SPEED, and to truly reach your true potential: Then you can’t be “guessing” about your functional nutrition needs! Every single person on this planet has a completely unique biochemistry and without testing—there is absolutely NO WAY to know your true needs or to formulate a functional meal plan that will help you reach your TRUE POTENTIAL.

As an Olympic Trials finalist and after training more than 1,000 athletes (including current and former Olympians), I know that the ONLY way to reach your true potential and unleash explosive strength and speed is by incorporating these vital elements:

  • Functional Nutrition Meal Plan Based Upon Your Exact Biochemistry
  • Lab Testing & Analysis
  • Individualized Sport-Specific Training

I founded Arete Strength with one simple goal in mind: To help high school, college, and highly motivated individuals truly reach their TRUE POTENTIAL by providing Olympic-level individualized training based upon YOUR EXACT NEEDS, GOALS, and SKILL LEVEL.

“The Guidance and Accountability She’s Received… Has Made Her Leaner and Stronger”

“As a parent and not the athlete, it’s impossible to tell you first-hand how it physically feels since beginning Arete, however, I can share with you the obvious RESULTS of my daughter’s performance on the field. Her increased speed, endurance and core strength allow her to consistently and confidently deliver. And, the structural balance she has gained enables her to go head-to-head with taller and bigger players. In addition, the guidance and accountability she’s received to incorporate and follow a nutrition plan has made her leaner and stronger, leaving her healthier and more disciplined to make choices in line with her goals… After seeing the overall effect of Erik’s training, I’m only sorry we didn’t start her Freshman year.”

-Renae Flynn

And it All Begins with Your FREE CONSULTATION

Two of the biggest obstacles to attaining explosive strength and speed are: Structural Imbalances and Improper Nutrition. That’s why your FREE Consultation includes a Posture and Nutrition Analysis where you’ll learn:

  • Which Structural Imbalances Are Negating Your Training
  • Little-Known Nutritional Deficiencies that Are Robbing Your Body of What It Needs to Reach the Next Level
  • How to Naturally & Legally Boost Your Anabolic Hormone Levels

This in-depth 1-Hour Consultation is absolutely FREE and comes with no additional obligation—so come down and see what Olympic-Level training really feels like!