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Eat, Move and Look

The Phoenix Training System was created for today’s busy professionals, entrepreneurs and any serious adult in Orange County looking to achieve peak physical form so they can look and feel their best—regardless of age. This elite program is based upon the same system we have developed for professional athletes but tailored to your specific needs and goals. Just a few of the benefits you can expect from the Phoenix Training Program include:

  • Quickly Shed Unwanted Fat/Excess Pounds
  • Significant Boost in Energy Levels
  • Improved Flexibility and Mobility
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Significant Boost in Strength and Lean Muscle Mass
  • Look and Feel Years Younger

We totally understand that you may not be training for competition but by providing you with the same Integrated Performance Training system as our athletes, something amazing happens: You start to look AND feel like a professional athlete! We take the time to fully assess your body and then customize your training and functional nutrition plans to keep you on track to reach your goals.

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How Can the Phoenix Training System Help You Finally Achieve Peak Physical Form Even When All Else Has Failed?

  • 21st Century Sports Science: Unlike most gyms or “factory training systems, the Phoenix Training System treats your body as a complete system with specific focus on: Functional Strength Development; Connective Tissue Care/Management; Functional Nutrition; Energy System Development; Biosignature; and Structural Balance.
  • Goal-Oriented Training: While you may not be training for competition like our professional athletes, the Phoenix Training System is fully customized based upon YOUR specific goals to ensure that you can enjoy the activities that YOU love in peak physical form.
  • Thorough Assessment: Each of us are unique which is why “one-size-fits-all” exercise and training programs simply DO NOT work. That is why we conduct a thorough analysis of your diet, previous training, and lab testing and then customize your training program to ensure you achieve peak physical performance in the shortest time possible.

By employing 21st Century Sports Science, Goal-Oriented Training, and employing one of the most thorough initial assessments in the entire industry, the Phoenix Training Program is guaranteed to help you look and feel your absolute best in the shortest time possible.

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The Phoenix Training System Provides You with Everything You Need to Finally Achieve Your Nutrition and Health Goals!


    Our Director of Nutrition will design a custom Functional Nutrition Plan based upon your medical history and lab results guaranteed to deliver:

    • Increased Energy and Mental Focus
    • Faster Reaction Times
    • Quicker Recovery
    • And Much More

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    The fastest and most reliable way to identify the factors that are draining your energy levels and preventing you from reaching peak physical performance is via lab testing. This is precisely why we provide blood, saliva, urine, and stool analysis to identify:

    • Hidden Inflammation Markers
    • Autoimmune Stress
    • Hidden Food Allergies

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    Once your initial assessment is complete, we will design a custom Sport Optimization training regimen to help you attain your goals and reach peak physical condition in the shortest time possible that focuses upon:

    • Structural Balance
    • Movement Efficiency
    • Recovery and Connective Tissue Work
    • Spinal Alignment

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Meet the Founder of the Phoenix Training System

Erik Johnson is the founder of Arete Strength and creator of the Phoenix Training System. With more than 20 years of elite training under his belt and studying with some of the US elite coaches including Tony Ciarelli, Art Venagas, and EJ "Doc" Kreis. Erik's unique exposure to European and other International training systems allowed him to see the advantages of combining functional nutrition, lab testing, and movement based training for all levels of clients. While most "Factory Fitness" systems focus on body-building and low calorie diets the Phoenix Training System truly emphasizes optimal health, increases energy levels and helps you attain Peak Physical Condition so you look and feel like an elite athlete—regardless of your age or personal goals! Just a few of Erik's personal accomplishments include:

  • 2011 World Masters Bronze Medalist- Discus
  • '96 Olympic T&F Trials Finalist
  • Olympic Games A standard Qualifier
  • 3x US Championships Finalist
  • USATF Olympic Development Program 95-97
  • NCAA All-American
  • Big 8 Conference Runner-up
  • Coached Over 1,000 clients

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If you are ready for increased energy levels and looking and feeling like a true professional athlete, then signing up for the Phoenix Training Program is simply your best option in Orange County, CA—or anywhere for that matter! By taking the time to test, analyze, and assess your true needs, we can then design a customized training regimen based upon your exact needs, condition, and medical history.

Sadly, we cannot continue to offer 100% FREE Consultations for much longer due to timing constraints. So if you would like to come down and find out EXACTLY how the Phoenix Training System can help boost energy levels and help you attain peak physical condition, then sign-up for your free consultation below where you will receive:

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You are guaranteed to leave your FREE Consultation with ACTIONABLE STEPS that you can take IMMEDIATELY to achieve your goals. Remember, this FREE Consultation will NOT be offered for much longer so sign up now before it's too late and we have to start charging for the service!